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A Death Row Convict’s Final Words Set Two Innocent Men Free

Police said Malcolm and De’Marchoe killed a young mom in a drive-by. They were going to spend life in prison, until witnesses spoke up and a convicted killer came clean. Read how Cullen Investigations help set two innocent men free. 

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Two Oklahoma Inmates Found Innocent 20+ Years After Murder Conviction

Two men, who have been in prison for murder for nearly 20 years, will soon be free. A judge declared both De'Marchoe Carpenter and Malcolm Scott innocent Monday afternoon.

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“If there was a blueprint to this, I probably wouldn’t follow it. I’m a free thinker,” he said. “I’ve had the pleasure of working with the top attorneys in the U.S. I’ve had a backstage pass to how great legal minds work.”

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Ginnie Graham: Finding out more about the PI behind the exonerated

Judge Dismisses Case Against Client - Oklahoma Lobbyist Andy Skeith

This morning, U.S. Prosecutors rested their case against my client, former energy lobbyist Andy Skeith. He was indicted on 62 counts of political corruption along with former State Senator Mike Morgan and attorney Martin Stringer. I always knew the government’s case against Skeith was embarrassingly weak, and I believed that he was 100% innocent of every charge. This afternoon, U.S. District Judge Robin Cauthron vindicated Skeith by dismissing every single count against him. Congratulations, Andy!

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Cullen Investigations At OSU

Eric Cullen speaks at the Oklahoma Department of Human Services/Developmental Disabilities Services Division.

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The Shooting of Bobby Stacy

In the spring of 2010, a high-speed chase ended with Southwest City, Mo. Police Officer Brian Massa shooting 26 year-old Bobby Stacy. Stacy’s family hired me to investigate the circumstances of the shooting; what I found was a brazen example of unnecessary use of deadly force: Massa shot Stacy in the back of the head after Stacy’s car had been immobilized. Last December, a McDonald County jury convicted Massa of first-degree involuntary manslaughter. In January, Massa was sentenced to 3 years in prison. His appeal is pending.

THE JOPLIN GLOBE: The Shooting of Bobby Stacy is a Forensic Puzzle

THE JOPLIN GLOBE: State Patrol Wraps Up Probe of Officer Involved Shooting

KSPR ABC33: Officer Charged with Manslaughter Will Likely Face Lawsuit

OPERATION NATION: Former Southwest City, Mo. Cop Brian Massa Convicted of Manslaughter



On July 25th, 2010, Five Tulsa police officers were indicted on charges of corruption ranging from money theft to drug trafficking. I worked as the defense investigator for three of the accused–Jeff Henderson, Bill Yelton and Nic Debruin. Henderson and Yelton were indicted together on a staggering 61 counts, while Debruin was indicted on 6 counts. The case, which spanned a year-and-a-half from the reception of target letters (informing the officers that they’re under investigation) to the final verdicts, was long and difficult. Ultimately, Debruin and Yelton were acquitted. Henderson was convicted (wrongly, in my opinion) on 8 of the most minor counts and and acquitted of 45. He’s currently appealing.

For the last two years, local media have exhaustively covered the investigation. Here are a few highlights (Additionally, you can follow this link to the Tulsa World’s archived coverage of the investigation, which has close to 200 stories):

WALL STREET JOURNAL: Scandal Roils Tulsa Police

ASSOCIATED PRESS VIA MUSKOGEE PHOENIX: Tulsa Officer Targeted by Wiretap, Lawyer Says

TULSA WORLD: Prosecutors Call Last Witness in Tulsa Police Corruption Trial


In the world of bail bonds, one dollar can mean the difference between sitting in jail for hours vs. days. In the 2008 case of murder suspect Susan Pryor, Judge Allen Klein set bail at $99,999 which allowed Pryor same-day release. If Klein had maintained the original $100,000 bail, Pryor could have sat in jail for several more days. 

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Several years ago, downtown Tulsa had virtually no residential space. One of the first people to spearhead development of affordable downtown rental properties was Blue Dome District property owner Michael Sager, who was awarded funds from the city’s Vision 2025 project to build the First Street Lofts at 1st and Elgin. Several years later, multiple lofts and apartment buildings have sprouted all over downtown, yet Sager’s project remains unfinished. I was hired by concerned citizens to find out why.

Read/watch Channel 2′s investigative report on the issue here.