Cullen Investigations
A Full Service Investigation & Consulting Firm



Why should I hire your firm? 

Cullen & Associates is owned and operated by an experienced investigator who is surrounded by other investigators that specialize in different areas of our agency. We maintain the highest level of professionalism, integrity and competence in the investigation arena.

  • We don’t take every kind of case, but just about, and we don’t take more cases than we can handle effectively.
  • We augment our experience with continuing legal education on a yearly basis to keep ahead of investigative trends and abreast of the ever-changing landscape that is private investigation.
  • We charge a reasonable hourly rate and our experience in the investigation arena helps us keep our clients’ costs down.
  • We use the latest research databases in conjunction with conventional methods to help our clients achieve their investigation objectives at the most reasonable cost possible.
  • We don’t nickel-and-dime our clients to death and we provide our clients with detailed monthly invoicing.
  • We pride ourselves on our ability to provide the best customer service in the industry. We keep our clients continually updated concerning the progress of their cases, and we make ourselves readily available to our clients.

Client Confidentiality and Privacy

Cullen & Associates will protect all client information and will not allow such information that pertains to our client, a client’s identity, or the subject of an investigation, to be viewed or known by anyone other than our direct client. Such confidential and protected information will not be available to anyone other than the client without the consent and permission of the client.

We do not accept cases that have a conflict of interest to our clients. We are obligated by state law not divulge information about our clients, the subject of a investigation, or otherwise to any other party unless ordered to do so by a court of law. If such a conflict of interest should arises, we would decline any case where there is a conflict of interest to the client without disclosing the reason for declining the case.

Why hire a private investigator?

Private investigators are experienced in searching public records and have access to information sources that the general public does not. Much of this information is found on commercial databases not usually available to the general public. This ability to find records in a timely manner equates to a savings for the client. Most commercial database providers require that their customers (law enforcement, lawyers, insurance companies, and private investigators) show proof of licensure prior to access and charge either a per usage fee or monthly flat rate contract fee.

Private parties might hire private investigators for locating people, background investigations, surveillance, and pre-employment screening of household staff. Attorneys need private investigators for asset location, video photography, witness interviews, trail preparation, personal injury investigations, witness locating, service of process, and levies execution. Insurance companies use private investigators for fraud investigations, witness interviews and locating, property locating, workers’ compensation claims, casualty, and video photography.

Is it a crime to impersonate a Private Investigator in Oklahoma? 

Yes. Anyone who conducts private investigations in Oklahoma without being properly licensed, except individuals who are exempt by law, has committed a crime. Any unlicensed activity, as defined by state law, should be immediately reported to CLEET in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Can I discuss my specific needs without obligation?

Cullen & Associates will gladly provide an initial consultation to potential clients without any obligation on either their part or on ours. It is only through open and honest discussion, under an assurance of confidentiality, that we can determine whether or not we can be of assistance to a potential client or if their case or situation is one which could benefit from an investigation. Whether or not we reach an agreement to proceed with conducting an investigation, we will take all legal steps possible to protect our client’s privacy and will not unlawfully disclose any information that is provided to us during any discussions. In the event that we cannot help a potential client, our policy is to refer the potential client to another investigative agency that may be able to assist them. If we cannot help someone, it is our practice and ethical obligation not to enter into an agreement with that person.

Do you guarantee your work? 

Cullen & Associates does guarantee our work, but we cannot always guarantee that the result of a investigation or search will provide you with all of the information you desire. Please be aware that while the information has been found reliable, it may not be guaranteed. We always keep the client informed about the progress of an investigation and the need for any additional searches or records.

What kind of information does a background investigation reveal? 

Depending on the purpose for the background investigation (premarital, pre-employment screening, business relationship, dating), the results could provide information about local or national criminal prosecutions, involvement in prior litigation, prior marriages or divorces, and types of assets.

Do you require a contract for services? 

Yes, Cullen & Associates contracts protect all parties by clearly spelling out, in writing, what is expected of each person and what the investigation contracted for will cost. The contracts we sign with our clients can be cancelled by either party, at any time, simply by providing written notice.

Do you require a retainer fee to begin investigation?

Yes, Cullen & Associates does require a retainer fee for all of our cases. The retainer fee amount depends on the complexity of the investigation contracted for. Generally speaking, our base retainer fee is $1,000.00, but we do make exceptions and never below $500.00.

Do you charge extra for things like copy fees, parking fees, long distance telephone calls, the expense associated with the retrieval of information on certain databases, postage, photography, and mileage (currently billed at the rate of .45 per mile)?

No, Cullen & Associates’ fees are all inclusive, except for driving and travel away from home, which is billed hourly.

What forms of payment do you take? 

Cullen & Associates takes checks, cash, credit and debit cards. Checks and cash can be sent to us directly, while we invoice through Paypal for our customers who prefer the convenience of credit and debit card billing.

Do you itemize these costs for the customer? 

Cullen & Associates invoices are all billed hourly, which includes Investigative & Administration costs and the actual expenses of searches, all operated by Bill Tracker, a software program that makes it easy for us and you when it comes to understanding the bill.

Are you a licensed Private Investigative Agency and do you carry insurance? 

Yes, Cullen & Associates is licensed through CLEET through the state of Oklahoma as a Private Investigative Agency. As a licensed Private Investigative Agency in Oklahoma, we are required to carry insurance.

Why do I need your services if I already have an attorney? 

Most attorneys specialize in the practice of the law and represent clients in legal matters. They are not necessarily experienced with conducting private investigations and will frequently hire or ask the client to hire the services of a licensed private investigator. Generally, if you have an attorney, and you retain the services of a private investigator through your attorney, the investigator’s work product becomes shielded from disclosure to adversaries. If the attorney/investigator relationship is properly established, the investigator’s involvement in a case and participation is privileged communication and is generally protected from disclosure. If you decide to hire a private investigator on your own and you have an attorney, the results of the private investigator’s work can be reviewed by your attorney for possible consideration in your case. You can hire a private investigator on your own or have your attorney hire one for you.

Isn’t there an investigator privilege that protects the work you do for me from disclosure without my consent? 

Yes, but only if the attorney on your case hires our agency and pays us from their client trust account. Otherwise, while we are bound by the laws of confidentiality, there is no investigator client privilege that prevents our records from being subject to subpoena and/or court ordered disclosure. There is also nothing stopping us from being subpoenaed to appear at trial and/or deposition to testify about the work we do.