Cullen Investigations
A Full Service Investigation & Consulting Firm

Cullen Investigations

A Professional Investigation & Legal Consulting Firm.


We provide comprehensive investigative and evidence gathering services our clients can effectively rely on.

Over the past 15 years Cullen Investigations has grown from modest beginnings of a lone private investigator, Eric Cullen, into a fully legal consulting firm.

We are part of a global network of investigative professionals, which allows us to use the talents of veterans, police and law enforcement organizations. Through our diverse network we are able to gather information while remaining sensitive to the specific needs of our clients.

At Cullen Investigations we are dedicated to providing law firms and decision makers with comprehensive background checks, witness interviews for civil or criminal litigation, due diligence investigations, complex litigation support and legal investigation services.

Our company’s outstanding reputation in the Private Investigation field has been meticulously honed over the years by providing clients with high-quality service and unswerving dedication to their needs. Your case will be treated with the utmost discretion and sensitivity!


Let Cullen Investigation save you time & money. We go to work in the trenches so you don't have to!


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Areas of Practice:


Attorneys, law firms and general counsel rely on Cullen’s legal investigation team to get facts quickly and efficiently relating to corporate litigation, high stakes litigation or white collar fraud.

In addition to gathering facts relevant to the issues at hand, we can find a person/witnesses conduct an asset investigation, identify information to gain leverage in negotiations, vet witnesses, conduct witness interviews and help you connect the dots.

Domestic Relations

We work closely with our clients to analyze their situation and to recommend the best security programs. Our team of investigators also works with your legal counsel to process any questionable activity and will testify during trials about their discoveries during their investigations. We focus on the areas of: Child Custody, Asset Searches, Domestic Infidelity and more.

Due Diligence Investigations

Our due diligence investigation services are designed to assess the background and reputation of a potential business partner(s) or key player(s) in a venture before entering into a substantial financial relationship.

We assist venture capital firms, private equity firms, investment banks, wealthy individual investors and financial institutions understand the risks before entering into a joint venture, merger, acquisition or a significant financial or investment transaction.

Heir Location Services

Cullen Investigations provides services to a range of clients in locating missing heirs and beneficiaries. We rely on our document research expertise, our proficiency with global logistics, and our unparalleled investigative skills to conduct investigations in connection with: estate and trust settlement matters, distribution of unclaimed assets, suits to quiet title to real property and/or other legal interests.

    Background Investigations

    From our headquarters in Oklahoma, business decision makers and high net worth individuals rely on Cullen Investigations background check services to provide an in-depth look at individuals relating to pre-employment investigations, executive background checks, or board of director appointments.

    Our comprehensive background investigation analysis and detailed report gives you simple, focused information and intelligence.

    Statewide Process Service

    Cullen Investigations has a 99% successful service rate. We serve and have served every type of legal document imaginable. To date, we service over 30 attorneys in the Tulsa area. Cullen Investigations will serve summons and complaints, subpoenas, restraining orders and other court documents. We also provide delivery service for letters, legal documents and other types of legal communication.


    Eric and his team are energetic and loyal. Eric will work hard to achieve results–even in situations where the outcome seems bleak. I enjoy working with him.
    — Bob Wyatt, Criminal Defense Lawyer at Wyatt Law Office


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