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About Cullen

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Get tangible results from dedicated investigation work

Cullen Investigations is a licensed and bonded private detective agency based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Since 2005, our team has earned a reputation for delivering measurable results through dedicated, effective, honest work.

We are a diverse group of investigators—including former military personnel, law enforcement, and journalists—trained in a variety of tactics and proprietary tools to gather intelligence.

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Cullen Investigations specializes in targeted surveillance, background checks, and defense investigations to expose hidden or misunderstood facts.

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Our network of resources includes relationships with digital forensics firms, polygraphers, drone operators, forensic counselors, Oklahoma law enforcement agencies, security companies, and expert witnesses (doctors, therapists, scientists, and other technical specialists).

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We have access to proprietary tools to search through databases on criminal records, marriages and divorces, asset and land records, and other information that is not available to the general public.

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Our team can help with crisis management and complex litigation, from pre-filing to post-conviction relief and death row appeals.

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We do our best to establish realistic expectations at the outset and communicate along the way as elements of your case change.

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Reference our FAQ page for information about our rates, accepted payments, surveillance reports, standard contracts, and more.

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