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Investigative Services

We utilize investigative tactics and techniques to expose hidden or misunderstood facts and gather the whole truth. In addition to general PI services and trial support, we specialize in custody battles, wrongful convictions, and missing persons.

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Quality Investigations Tailored to Meet Your Needs

From background checks, process service, and domestic surveillance to civil and criminal defense support, our services are available on a direct-hire basis, whether you're an attorney, a litigant or defendant, or a private individual. The investigations we provide are tailored to your specific case, budget and goals.

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Proprietary Tools, Expert Resources

We utilize proprietary research tools, open-source intelligence databases, and expert resources like digital forensics analysts, polygraphers, and drone operators to maximize results.

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Thorough and Detailed Reporting

Whether interviewing witnesses, conducting surveillance, or researching public records and social media, we thoroughly document our investigation process. Surveillance reports include detailed, time-stamped logs of every action and change observed, along with photo and video documentation, including hourly “integrity shots” to prove our presence at the surveillance site.

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Discreet and Confidential

A good investigator is an invisible one, and confidentiality is of utmost importance.  We do everything we can to preserve our (and your) anonymity throughout the investigation process. We keep the client-investigator relationship completely confidential—even in the unfortunate and very rare event that we’re caught, say, conducting surveillance, we will never disclose who hired us.

Visit our FAQ page to learn about our rates, accepted payments, standard contracts, and more.

Services List

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Background checks

Due diligence investigations

On-the-job injury

Fraud & embezzlement

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Legal Investigations
& Support

Asset searches

Civil & complex litigation

Criminal defense

Direct appeals

Post-conviction relief

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Location &
Process Service

Statewide process service

Skip trace

Missing persons

Heir location

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