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Have questions? Find the answers in our FAQ below. You can also reach us directly by phone at (918) 540-9196 or email at info@culleninvestigations.com

How do you charge for services?

We operate on a retainer basis at an hourly rate. That hourly rate depends on factors unique to your specific case. Contact us directly to schedule a brief consultation and get a cost estimate for our investigation services. To learn more about our services click here.

What payments do you accept?

We accept cash, checks, and major credit cards.

Do you offer legal advice?

No. We are not attorneys and cannot offer legal advice. However, we work with a large network of excellent lawyers that we can connect you with should the need arise.

How long do investigations take?

Anywhere from one hour to five years. How long it takes depends on a variety of factors. No two cases are the same.

For instance, investigations that are tied to court cases are dependent on a lot of external factors. We’ve worked on criminal defense cases for several years. We’ve also located missing persons in a few hours and completed surveillance investigations over a weekend.

Whatever your situation, we work to establish realistic expectations at the outset based on your needs and budget.

Are your reports admissible in court?

Yes. While much of what we do is protected by work-product privilege, we work under the assumption that everything we report is potentially discoverable.

Can you testify in court?

Yes. We have extensive experience testifying in both state and federal court.

Are you hiring private investigators?

We’re always looking for new collaborators and contractors. Email josh@culleninvestigations.com to learn more about current opportunities.

Can you run a background check on anybody?

The short answer is yes. In certain circumstances, we may be required by law to receive proof of informed consent from the subject of the background check.

However, if you hire us to conduct a pre-employment background check on a job candidate, federal law requires the candidate be informed of the screening and provide written authorization.

How many investigators will work on my case?

When you hire us, you’re getting the resources of a diverse team of private detectives. You’ll be assigned a lead investigator as your primary contact. Depending on the scope and budget of your case, that lead investigator will utilize the support of his team as needed.

What happens if you don’t find what I’m looking for?

We cannot guarantee your desired or expected results. We can, however, guarantee a reasonable amount of certainty in what we do find.

For example, we had one case in which a client was convinced of infidelity, so we followed the spouse and watched them check into a motel room for the weekend. Soon, an unfamiliar woman was knocking on the motel door. We thought, “Here we go…”

Until we realized she was simply delivering pizzas. The “cheating” spouse proceeded to spend the whole weekend playing video games and ordering food, without anyone ever joining them.

Essentially, they were cheating on their duties as a spouse and parent, but there was no infidelity. People are complicated, and sometimes the answer to your question is not what you expect.

Who is Eric Cullen?

Eric Cullen is the founder and president of Cullen Investigations. The genesis of the agency began in 2001, when his best friend died senselessly and tragically while in police custody.

The son of a respected homicide detective, Eric originally thought he would become a cop. But in the wake of his friend’s death, he became acutely aware of the injustices that plague our legal system.

He realized he could make a bigger difference on the outside as a private detective. In 2005, he founded Cullen Investigations. Since then, the agency has blossomed into a full-service investigations agency that’s one of the most respected in the country.

Over his career, Eric has helped to free multiple innocent men and women who were wrongfully convicted of murder. He did much of the legwork that led to Governor Stitt’s mass commutation of 523 non-violent offenders on November 1, 2019—the largest single-day commutation in U.S. History.

Eric also worked with the Innocence Project and collaborated with music executive and criminal justice advocate Jason Flom. He and Flom co-founded the nonprofit Another Chance Justice Project, which provided pro-bono post-conviction assistance to excessively sentenced non-violent female offenders.

Various media outlets praised and noted his work, including The Washington Post, Dateline, and the New York Times.

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